L. F. Stephens
Commercial, Law & Equity Enquiries - Civil & Criminal Litigation Support
Our firm is duly licensed to conduct private investigations and regularly performs a full range of traditional investigative services. It also has the capability of and experience in providing strategic analysis and project-type conceptualization for corporate or institutional clients who present issues involving internal integrity, external predatory practices, or the need to devise and implement prophylatic or remedial mesures for regulatory compliance. The firm utilized an interdisciplinary approach with respect to problems of case analysis, configuation and management. In addition, we have practical experience in performing the highly specialized "independent" investigation and impartial fact-finding, in accordance with the protocols developed by the Wordking Group of the International Association of Privat Sector Inspectors General (the IPSIG concept). In recent years, the firm has succesfully provided services to corporate clients in each of the areas described, occasionally in conjunction with the appointment of "special counsel" to the particular coporation.

Our services are customized to meet client needs.  We assist clients in a wide range of investigative activities, including, but not limited to the following.

We provide companies with comprehensive business itelligence and due diligence programs to better protect investments and make decisions with confidence. Each due diligence effort is customized to match anticipate risk and is designed to protect both transactions and reputations.

Our corporate and individual clients use asset searches for a variety of purposes including assessment of the financial soundness of a potential business partner, merger and acquisition target, customer or supplier; suspicion of Fraud inside a client's company; collection on a judgment; or recovery of stolen assets.

Background checks deliver valuable insights that lead to smarter, more informed decisions and greater security for consumers, businesses and government agencies. Our comprehensive background checks provide the insight needed to reduce risk and improve profitability. Clients use them to identify trustworty partners, customers and employees; to safegaurd transactions; or to locate individuals for debt collections, law enforcement or other needs.

Our Coporate Investigations enable clients to respond to allegations and prevent potential problems before they occur. We help clients identify and investigate financial fraud, corruption, expense abuse, procurement fraud, violations of codes of conduct, third-party fraud or abuses, and whistle blower complaints.

Our clients use our services to aid in the preparation and execution of litigation strategies. We are skilled at interviewing witnesses, finding difficult to locate witnesses, process services, completing exhaustive background checks, and verification of expert witness credentials. We complete a detailed analysis of all evidence as we assist counsel in preparing a complete case with data and intelligence that addresses every element of the charges involved and eliminates suprises in the litigation process.

The US Chamber of Commerce reports that over 50 billion dollars are lost annually to employee theft and fraud. Business owners are often unprepared to respond and react upon dicovering an irregularity. We provide expert advice and support at every stage of the process including investigation, recovery, training and prevention.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud reports and estimated 80 billion dollars are paid out annually in fraudulent claims. Our experienced investigators protect client interests through the use of proven techniques suce as surveillance, background checks, litigation checks and witness interviews to detect health insurance fraud, auto insurance fraud, life insurance fraud, and workers compensation fraud.