L. F. Stephens
Commercial, Law & Equity Enquiries - Civil & Criminal Litigation Support
The firm consists of four principals who collectively have over ninety (90) years of federal investigative experience; almost fifty (50) years of which has involved supervisory responsibilities in the area of program development and evaluation. Each has an interdisciplinary background - with education and training in both the law and criminal investigation, and with experience in such diverse specialties as international terrorism, program fraud, organized crime (traditional and non-traditional), narcotics trafficking (international and street-level) white collar crime, money laundering, and foreign counter-intelligence and security. They have extensive experience at the federal level with program 
development, review and management, and practical expertise in the private sector as to commercial related investigations, loss prevention and risk management protocols.

The firm utilizes a nationwide network of former state and federal investigations - most of whom are retired FBI agents and all of whom have a demonstrated record of competence. Locally, the network includes a score of former federal, state and local investigators from both sides of the Hudson River who are intimately familiar with local conditions throughout New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Area. This resource enables the firm to provide the highest quality of service in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner for appropriate assignments.

The firm's core group also includes retired New Jersey State Troopers, a former Prosecutor's Office investigator and a former FBI Agent Supervisor who has over twenty years experience investigating organized crime and mob influence in various New York industries. In addition, the firm has resources in the area of forensic accounting - including two retired Special Agents and a recently retired Revenue Agent from the Internal Revenue Service, all with excellent credentials.

Central to the firm's orientation is its analytic capability, its interdisciplinary perspective, its expertise in the area of civil RICO remediation, and its experience with loss control, risk and security management in the corporate world. These capabilities are a function of the extensive government experience, as well as practical experience developed in the private sector over a period of years.
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